Meet Elin Schran

Elin Schran - Coach at Valley of the Sun Adult Skate Camp in Chandler, Arizona

Skate under the tutelage of Elin Schran at Valley of the Sun Adult Skating Camp September 23-27, 2019 in the beautiful, recently remodeled Ice Den Rink in Chandler, Arizona.

Elin Schran is the founder of Joy Skate Productions which specializes in high energy, family-friendly skating shows. Joy Skate  seeks to make the joy of skating accessible to all through workshops designed for skaters of all ages and skill levels, as well as differently-abled skaters.

Elin is also the innovator of IceFlow, a yoga-inspired skating edge class. She is a choreographer and performer with experience in many shows including Ice Capades. She especially loves working with adult skaters. She taught for five years at Dorothy Hamill’s Fantasy Skating Camp, and is thrilled to be back as a coach at the Valley of the Sun Adult Skating Camp!

Area of specialization

Adult freestyle coach, jumps, spins, choreographer, school figures, MIF, skating skills .

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