Meet Diane G Miller

Diane G Miller - Coach at Valley of the Sun Adult Skate Camp in Peoria, Arizona

Skate under the tutelage of Master Rated National and International Figure Skating Coach Diane G Miller at Valley of the Sun Adult Skating Camp located at AZ Ice Peoria.

Diane holds a Master Rating in Freestyle, Figures, Sports Science and Moves in the Field.

Area of specialization

Freestyle, school figures, jumps, spins, MIF, PSA master rated moves in the field

Career Highlights:

  • 2015 U.S. Figure Skating/PSA “Pieter Kollen” Sport Science Coach of the Year
  • 45 years coaching experience
  • International and National Coach
  • World Team Alternate
  • 9 time Nationalf and International Competitor
  • PSA Level V Ranking
  • Professional Skaters Association Honorary
  • United States Olympic Committee Chair Resident Figure Skating Program Member

Diane presently resides in Phoenix, Arizona where she continues to coach and present at seminars around the country

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