Meet Mimi Wacholder

Mimi Wacholder - Coach at Valley of the Sun Adult Skate Camp in Peoria, Arizona

After 30 years of coaching figure skating, and after working in production for ABC Sports, and as a Public Affairs Coordinator for the Olympic Authority, Mimi (pronounced Mimmie, not Meme), founded SOS™ as a way to give more skaters and coaches access to the tools and techniques she has gathered throughout her career.

As a US Team Member and International Competitive Ice Dancer, she was known for her authenticity as a performer. After retiring from competition, she was a principal performer in the Ice Capades and performed and choreographed with the Ice Theatre of NY. She has a BFA in Creative Communications from Emerson College and is a RYT/Structural Yoga Therapist ( who works with many Olympic Teams in her hometown of Lake Placid, NY.

With extensive knowledge, practice and teaching in complementary disciplines including, yoga, barre, pilates and dance, Mimi is able to guide her students to better understand the structure and functional capacity of their own bodies.

Mimi Wacholder was awarded 2023 PSA President’s Excellence Award for Innovative Programming with System of Skating SOS.  Offering expert training and certification for coaches and adult skaters.

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